Places People Think We've Consumated Our Love

We're S & T, two students at Goucher and just friends. Bros, really. We have a secret handshake and everything (because that's most definitely what makes you a bro).

We enjoy cuddling in public, however, which has led those dearest to us to think that we were secretly dating. We call those who think we are or should be in a relationship The Team.

S (above) and T (below)

These are our exploits in cuddling around Goucher, documenting the evolution of The Team.

The Team:
S's roommate
T's roommate
Public Safety
Orion (Yes, the constellation)
Homophobic lady at Orchestra concert
Guy behind us at Orchestra concert
231 (Our Mutual Best Friend)
231's roommate
The Sun
T's Mum
The Clouds
Random Group of Lost Towson Students
The L.L.
28% of People in S's Majors
12.5% of T's Senior Seminar
The Entirety of our Mutual Class
S' Advisor
Mutual Girl Crush
A (Mutual Classmate)

Ask us anything
Sometimes we’re just out in the open.

Sometimes we’re just out in the open.

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